Frequently Asked Questions
About MusiWeb

Q. What happened to Musif@x? 

R. Musifax magazine has been replaced by an electronic journal and a newletter titled MusiWeb.

Q. Is MusiWeb available to the public?

R. MusiWeb is reserved to members and partners of the QMTA. 

Q. Is it possible to receive a paper copy?

R. Only members who do not have access to Internet may request a paper copy (of the journal only) to be sent by regular mail (Yearly fee: $20).

Q. How can I contribute to the journal?

R. It is with pleasure that we accept all contributions in the form of press releases, articles, letters, opinions, and classified ads. 
Our regular features are:

Sotto Voce : Members' News
Strepitoso : Review of new publications
Tutti : Pedagogical Forum
Giocoso : Humour and games

Q. Does MusiWeb contain advertisement?

R. MusiWeb does not include advertisement, but we are in the process of preparing a sponsorship plan for 2015. If you are interested, please contact us to receive a copy. 

At this time, we offer our partners very affordable banner hosting on the "Find a Teacher" and "QMTA Partners" pages of our website.

Q. Where and to whom do we address MusiWeb communications?

R. Ms. Mélissa Faustin, C/O Cooperative Vincent-d'Indy, 628 ch. Côte-Ste-Catherine, Outremont, H2V 2C5;  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .