Frequently Asked Questions
by business owners
Q. Does QMTA offer advertising opportunities?

R. Yes, of course. QMTA business partners can take advantage of exposure that targets the music community precisely. is very well  positioned. Our audience is mainly composed of music teachers, parents, students.

 Q. What forms of adverstising are available to businesses and organizations?

 R. A Web banner may be embedded into A Web banner is rectangular image with logo which is linked to the advertiser's Web site. It is visible (a) in static form on the "Partners" page , and (b) in rotating form at the top of the "Find A Teacher" directory page, a database which received some 2,500 searches in the last year.  Hosting of a web banner is $125 per year. Please note that we offer optional graphic design services to compose your banner with the exact specifications required (728 x 90 pixels).

 (2) A business or organization may become a sponsor of the Montreal Classical Music Festival, an annual competition that brings together about a thousand musicians, teachers, parents, students, and music lovers. An advertisement may be placed in the official MCMF program which is available during the three-day event. It is also possible for a business to offer a bursary or sponsor a trophy. 

Q. Does the QMTA deliver receipts for donations?

 R. The QMTA is not a registered charity, therefore it is not authorized to issue receipts for donations. Customers receive an invoice for the purchase of advertising services, which will be tax-deductible as an expense.

The QMTA does not charge sales taxes.

 Q. Is it possible to get a business, a service or a product endorsed by the QMTA?

 R. QMTA views and opinions may differ from those of the advertisers, therefore products and services offered by our partners cannot be officially endorsed by the QMTA.

 Q. Is it possible to obtain a members directory for advertising purposes?

 R. The members directory is owned by the QMTA and may not be used for advertising purposes. However, if you wish to transmit information (articles, promotions, events) to all the members, please send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Messages judged relevant and appropriate will be transferred to the members on our emailing list.