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Provisional Membership
Definition and Requirements

Provisional members are music teachers who do not quite fulfill the requirements for active membership. Provisional status enables new teachers to gain experience through their students’ participation in QMTA activities. After a period of five years, provisional members will upgrade their status to active membership upon review by the Council on the basis of the member’s increased experience and completion of all active membership criteria.

Provisional members are conferred all of the rights, privileges, and obligations of the Association, and are subject to the CFMTA code of ethics.
Provisional Member Criteria
  1. To be over 18 years of age;
  2. To be resident of the province of Quebec;
  3. To be working toward a degree in order to meet the requirements of an active member (RCM);
  4. To be teaching at a level comparable to the one of an active member.
Annual dues

Sep 1 - Sep 15 : $115
Sep 16  - April 30: $125